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Tom Murphy: Winter in Yellowstone45:07

This article is more than 12 years old.

The days are short now in Yellowstone National Park. The light, winter clear. The pines, tall. The deep snows, on their way. And soon, in the heart of Yellowstone's mid-winter grandeur, photographer Tom Murphy will be at his snowy post again.

For a quarter-century now, Murphy has strapped on his pack every winter and headed deep into Yellowstone. To the towering peaks and snowy calderas. The thermal pools where majestic elk root for reeds. The geyser flats where buffalo steam under ice and the wolf moves at night.

In the summer, Yellowstone is overrun. In the winter, it's wild again.

This hour On Point: we go deep into Yellowstone's winter, with Montana photographer, Tom Murphy.


Tom Murphy, photographer. His books include Silence and Solitude, Yellowstone's Winter Wilderness, The Light of Spring , The Seasons of Yellowstone, and The Comfort of Autumn.

This program aired on December 15, 2006.

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