Martin Amis's "House of Meetings"24:42

This article is more than 14 years old.
British literary superstar Martin Amis has been the novelist the English love to hate, to haunt, to ogle.

Son of the famed writer Kingsley Amis - bad boy, playboy and snob in the London tabloids - for Martin Amis, writes The Observer - publication day for a new novel is "a carnivorous and gleeful public carnival: the bastards (reviewers) all want your guts for garters."

Some days they've had them, some days they haven't. His latest novel, "House of Meetings" - the story of a heart-breaking love triangle played out in a Soviet slave-labor camp - is getting hosannahs. And Amis is still at full sail - on Islam, America, feminism, snobbery.

This hour On Point: a conversation with the unflinching novelist, Martin Amis.


Martin Amis, author of the new book "House of Meetings." His previous books include "London Fields," "Night Train," and "The Rachel Papers."

This program aired on January 31, 2007.