Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Islam

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On a main street in Amsterdam in late 2004, Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim assailant outraged by Van Gogh's film depicting Islamic oppression of women.

A death-threat letter left stabbed to his chest was addressed to the woman who is my guest today: the Somali-born, Muslim-raised critic of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Hirsi Ali wrote the screenplay for the film Van Gogh died for. At 22, she had fled an arranged marriage for asylum in the Netherlands. She became a Dutch member of parliament and a scathing critic of Islam, its treatment of women, and the Western multi-culturalism that, she says, tolerates too much.

Now she's in America and we speak with her this afternoon.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali, former Dutch MP and author of the new book, "Infidel." She is currently a resident fellow at American Enterprise Institute.

This program aired on February 12, 2007.


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