Norman Podhoretz on World War IV

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In the neoconservative camp that pushed for war with Iraq, Norman Podhoretz is a great patriarch, one of the old originals. But he's hardly out to pasture. He's a senior adviser to Rudy Giuliani. He counsels George W. Bush in the White House.

And here's what he's saying. We are in the midst of World War IV, a life and death super-struggle with Islamofascism. We should bomb Iran and anyone who doesn't agree is a threat to the nation.

Hawks love him.  Critics say he's hysterical and dangerous. He's still pushing.

This hour On Point: Norman Podhoretz and the debate over his World War IV.Guests:

Norman Podhoretz, author of "World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism." He is currently serving as one of the top foreign policy advisors to presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani.

Christopher Dickey, Middle East Regional Editor and Paris Bureau Chief for Newsweek Magazine.

Gen. William Odom, a retired Army Lt-General, Director of the National Security Agency from 1985 to 1988 and Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence for the US Army from 1981 to 1985. He is currently a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and a professor (political science) at Yale University.

This program aired on September 26, 2007.


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