The Girls from Ames

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The Girls from Ames (cover).
The Girls from Ames (cover).

But not many people hold on to their friendships for four decades, and counting.

Eleven girls from Ames, Iowa have done just that — through college, marriage, children, divorce, the death of family members.

They’ve stuck together, even though they’ve gone in many directions and now live all over the country. A new book tells their remarkable story of friendship. It’s a testament to how women bond.

This Hour, On Point: the girls from Ames.

You can join the conversation. What's your story of friendship through the years? Tell us what you think — here on this page, on Twitter, and on Facebook.Guests:

Jeffrey Zaslow, author of the new book, “The Girls From Ames: A Story of Women & a Forty-Year Friendship.” He is a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and co-author, with Randy Pausch, of the New York Times bestseller “The Last Lecture.” Click here to read an excerpt from "The Girls From Ames."

Jane Nash is one of the women profiled in Zaslow’s book. She is a professor of psychology at Stonehill College in Easton, Mass.

Angela Jamison is also one of the “girls” from Ames. She now runs her own public relations firm in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

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Here's a video montage of the Ames girls' pictures together through the years.

This program aired on April 22, 2009.


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