Eric Bogosian

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Eric Bogosian (Photo: Todd France)
Eric Bogosian (Photo: Todd France)

Eric Bogosian made his name in the 1980s with wild and ruthless one-man shows looking out on America and excess. “Drinking in America.” “Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll.” And famously, his off-Broadway show “Talk Radio.”

He went on to write successful novels, to a role on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” To his show “Pounding Nails in the Floor with My Forehead.” And to see Liev Schreiber revive “Talk Radio” on Broadway.

Now, Bogosian is looking back. On wild youth and wild ambition. On the arc of life that lands us all older if not wiser.

This hour, On Point: Eric Bogosian and his new novel, “Perforated Heart.”

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Eric Bogosian joins us in our studio. An Obie Award-winning performer, actor, and writer, he earned early acclaim in the 1980s for his in-your-face, one-man performances on stage, and then, on the big screen in "Talk Radio." These days, he plays Detective Danny Ross on TV’s "Law and Order: Criminal Intent." His new, semi-autobiographical novel, "Perforated Heart," is a double portrait: a portrait of the artist as a 50-something man meeting his younger self, a self a lot like the young Eric Bogosian. His previous books are “Wasted Beauty,”  “Mall,” and "Notes from the Underground."

Read the first chapter of "Perforated Heart."

This program aired on May 26, 2009.


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