How Sinatra Became "The Voice"47:45

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Frank Sinatra, 1943. (AP)
Frank Sinatra, 1943. (AP)

Long before the late Frank Sinatra – Old Blue Eyes, with his scotch on the rocks and cigarettes – there was the young Sinatra.

He was the teen idol — the mama’s boy out of Hoboken with the chip on his shoulder and screaming mobs of girls on his trail – all before World War II.

Old Blue Eyes was smooth, maybe surly, and tough. Young Blue Eyes was trying to figure it all out, over Bing Crosby and Tommy Dorsey, mob bosses and Ava Gardner.

A new biography tells that story.
-Tom Ashbrook

James Kaplan, author of "Frank: The Voice." You can read an excerpt here. He also co-authored Jerry Lewis’ memoir, "Dean and Me: A Love Story" and John McEnroe’s autobiography "You Cannot be Serious."


Link to some fast — and fascinating — facts about Sinatra's life, from James Kaplan.

This program aired on November 2, 2010.