Web TV's Glittering Promise

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One screen — the whole Internet, plus all the shows and movies. We catch up with web TV.

Web TV is coming at you, and it may end up killing one of the most potent stereotypes of American life: the glassy-eyed, half-asleep, television-watching couch potato.

Web TV, in its many and rambunctious forms – Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, Boxee, Seagate, Asus – is putting the wonder and mayhem of the Internet on television screens. It's putting a whole lot of TV shows and movies there, too.

It’s another set-top box. It’s at war with the cable box – and the cable bill. And it's not clear who’s going to win. 
-Tom Ashbrook

John Moe, host of American Public Media’s Marketplace Tech Report. He was formerly the host of Weekend America.

Sam Rosen, senior analyst of the digital home for ABI Research, a forecasting and research firm that specializes in emerging technologies.

Jim Barthold, editor of, which follows trends in digital technology and business.

This program aired on December 16, 2010.


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