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Haiku and You - Add to the List

This article is more than 12 years old.

Scroll down to see dozens of haiku contributed by listeners. Add to our collected works!

Japanese master calligrapher Norio Nagayama paints a short poem, as part of a conference on Japanese haiku short-poetry. (AP)
Japanese master calligrapher Norio Nagayama paints a short poem, as part of a conference on Japanese haiku short-poetry. (AP)

Dylan Tweney, publisher of the website tinywords, which publishes one haiku or micropoem every day. He writes a column for the Haiku Society of America on how the haiku is finding new life on the internet, and is a senior editor and tech writer at Wired magazine.

George Swede, poet, haiku expert, and editor of Frogpond, the journal of the Haiku Society of America.

Stephen Ziliak, professor of economics at Roosevelt University. He's a haiku writer and enthusiast, and author of the article “Haiku Economics,” published last year in the International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education.

Many of our listeners contributed their haiku on Facebook and Twitter. We've reposted them here:


Lobster Truck DC. Connecticut style or Maine? First-timers decide.


A Tweet is a kiss. Bnot sloppy or careless. & time it just right.


I have chosen wrong//The past is an illusion//I can choose again


Fluffy Falling Flake / Flung upon the winds of fate / Flits past your fair face


Despite usual intentions/still sitting hypnotized/ scrolling ever down


I miss snow day fun // but now I just want to work // unemployment.


It is not the snow/ Fluff'd banks of icy silk/ It is the damn wind


Recovering from Trip to Czech Republic andBerlin: Beer! Sausage!


deaths whisper / an unwelcome friend / follows me


Harvest moon / in-between the words / how quiet


Coffee and waiting/ For the neighbor to fire/ His new snowblower


house of reps -bunch of blowhard idiots- -go get back to work.


Drunk on whiskey, eating a french bread, some sauce falls on my shoe.


snowy morning / awakened by / the weather report


afternoon thaw / the snowman / loses his balance


afternoon thaw / the snowman / loses his balance



man on an island
will work for food
a sign of the times

- Dave Tatelbaum

sitting, working
heat from my lamp
feels like mothers love

- Kevin Smith

Little Lorna Hope
Snow Falls Fast and Light
Another day to watch you

- Steven Flythe

Tom's giggling voice
Haiku sets his heart aflutter
Thanks for the smile

- Janet Burns DelVillaggio

He joins his bosses,
when most stay home due to snow.
Brown-nose points for him.

- Janet Kennedy-Farmer

Herons winging by…
The energy of small fish
Moving large bodies

- John Browne

bee on a tree
far away from man made syrup on waffles

- Craig Bryant

soft lights move in snow
white beams brighten the snowflakes
red flashes follow

- Randy Klear

college freshman year
daily haiku on white board
had four hundred plus

- William Liteplo

her voice, opining
about turkeytail mushrooms
picked in mid-Winter...

- John Browne

the grain of sand is
taller than the highest peak
carried to the top

- John Daly

The veery was lost
Winter had snuck back again
Snowdrifts into May

- Sarah Jo Willey

I haiku daily --
sometimes it's good and sometimes
it's just plain awful.

- Rachel Dickinson

Rose colored granite
Two names stood there before me
You are still alive

- Sarah Jo Willey

Bumble bee buzzing
Annoying little places
Disappearing fast

- Sarah Jo Willey

watching the rain pause
gathering at the tip to
fall from leaf to ground

- John Daly

Winter white swirling
Maple skeletons sway wearily
Buds debate

- Kt Thalin

This is important
but the river keeps flowing
going beyond view

- John Daly

Glen Beck, Michael Moore
with moral indignation
shut up and go home

- Skip Shea

it is hard to fill
empty places and harder
to know where they are

- John Daly

Obama got tough
"This is a big f--ing deal"
Better than Amtrak

- Lisa Nold

in the laundromat
there is no haiku without
deposit quarter

- John Daly

Rain lets bullfrog move.
Warm road feels good to cold blood.
Driver does not care.
Shagbark hickory.
Squirrel tempted by crushed nuts.
One last fatal bite.

Walker sees squirrel.
Maggots dine on rotting flesh.
No life is wasted.

- Al Mollitor

The rain pours down,
but the cricket still sings,
one breathe at a time.

Cricket in the rain- does he keep his bow dry
and never miss a beat.

- Nōwa-Randall And-Delia Crosby

the watering can
is a cat rubbing against
the plant table leg

- John Daly

A cloud turns to rain
cresting over the mountain
the ocean above

- John Daly

the ocean is filled
with a great many tears that
meet with many shores

- John Daly

Snow plows
in the weather
the storm is too

- Susan Mojica

out of manifest
came the reasoning we are
back to dust bin cold

power is not on
...but the light is still ruby
shut off already

- Ryery Paddie

oh saracudda
bring me back my country, huh?
kidding, youbetcha!

- Ryery Paddie

You and I were friends
Now you're a total crackpot
Thanks so much, Facebook

- Ken Kase

This program aired on January 12, 2011.


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