Richard Watts On Spirituality For The Modern Age24:04

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Hungers of tje Heart (cover detail)
Hungers of tje Heart (cover detail)

In the age of fundamentalism and deep skepticism, we look at the search for a modern spiritual life.

As a nation, a culture, Americans are quite at ease talking about God, or maybe the spirit.

But many these days do not exactly look at that realm in terms of religion. How often have your heard someone say: “I’m spiritual, but not religious.” Or say, in a candid moment, you won’t find them in church or synagogue or mosque, but they long for something bigger, deeper.

Longtime preacher Richard Watts ministered to traditional congregations for many years. Ministered to me. Now he’s looking wider. Up next On Point: in the age of fundamentalism and skepticism, the search for a modern spiritual life.
- Tom Ashbrook

Richard Watts, author of "Hungers of the Heart: Spirituality and Religion for the 21st Century." He's also co-author, with John Dominic Crossan, of "Who is Jesus?: Answers to Your Questions About the Historical Jesus." He served as a Presbyterian minister for various Illinois churches for 24 years, and was Tom's childhood pastor. He also served as a staff member and consultant for the National Presbyterian Peacemaking Program --and traveled with peacemaking seminars to Germany, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia.

This program aired on February 16, 2011.