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Inside the New York Times46:34

This article is more than 8 years old.

The future of news and a new documentary on the New York Times and newspapers. It’s called “Page One.”

A scene from "Page One: Inside the New York Times. (Magnolia Pictures)
A scene from "Page One: Inside the New York Times. (Magnolia Pictures)

Everybody knows American newspapers have been struggling with hard times, online challengers, and near-death experiences.

But to see that up close and personal in the inner sanctum of The New York Times is still arresting.

A new documentary – “Page One” - goes inside the Times as papers are folding, cutbacks reign, and new actors like Wikileaks are becoming the headlines.

It’s director is with us. As are Jeff Jarvis, David Mutter, and Times star media reporter David Carr.

This hour On Point: “Page One”, and the fate of American news.
- Tom Ashbrook

Andrew Rossi, director, writer and producer of the new documentary “Page One: Inside the New York Times.” Find where it's playing.

Jeff Jarvis, associate professor and director of the Interactive Program at the City University of New York School of Journalism. His blog is "Buzzmachine."

Alan Mutter, consultant on journalism, technology and new media ventures, and adjunct professor at the University of California at Berkeley Journalism School.  His blog is "Reflections of a Newsosaur."

David Carr, media columnist for the New York Times

This program aired on June 20, 2011.

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