Shaun McCutcheon: 'I Can't Understand Why Anyone Would Want To Limit The Free Speech Of Rich People'

It's a topic on many a pundit's mind today: the U.S. Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling in favor of the plaintiff in McCutcheon vs. Federal Election Commission. The complicated and deeply fascinating ruling — available in a .pdf below — is seen by some election law watchers as one step on a gradual path toward total elimination of campaign spending caps in U.S. Federal elections.

We first spoke to Shaun McCutcheon, an Alabama businessman and lead plaintiff in the case, back in October when the Justices first heard his case. And he joined us the day after the ruling came down in his favor this month.

"I'm gonna try and support more than candidates I ever have, and I look forward to doing it," McCutcheon told us.

"Change in politics is good, especially when it involves individual people who worked hard, made money and help contribute to the country, and I can't understand why anyone would want to limit the free speech of rich people or anyone else in a free country."


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