Remembering The Boston Marathon Bombing, One Year Later

A year ago today, two homemade bombs shook Boston's Bolyston Street, giving the nation's oldest organized marathon a tragic end and launching a region-wide search for the two young suspects believed to be behind the attack.

We covered the attacks the day they happened from our studios here in Boston, but we also returned to the tragedy throughout April 2013 to examine the facts, frustrations and families at the heart of the tragedy.

Two days after the attack, we looked at the tricky balance of public security and public risk.

Three days after the race, we gathered several well-known Bostonians in our studios to reflect on what the attack meant to them, and how the greater Boston community gathered together after the bombing.

And the following week, we dug in deep into the legal issues surrounding the bombing and resulting region-wide 'shelter in place' order during the search for the suspects.

We'll continue to examine the case and the community's response in the lead up to next week's race. We invite your thoughts in the comments below, or on Facebook, Tumblr and @OnPointRadio.


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