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Is it soup yet? Grab your big spoons. Bone broth and more. We have the latest in hot soups for a cold winter.

Winter loves comfort, and – for a whole lot of people – winter comfort means soup.  The very hottest this season?  Broth.  Bone broth.  Necks and knuckles and marrow and tails, simmered until you’ve got a steaming liquid gold so rich and tasty people are drinking it instead of coffee.  It’s the paleo hit of the year, but there’s a lot of soupy competition.  From lentils and split pea to kale and cauliflower.  And don’t forget the ramen!  This hour On Point:  Bone broth and beyond.  Great winter soups from America’s Test Kitchen and fusion superstar Ming Tsai – and you.
-- Tom Ashbrook


Bridget Lancaster, executive food editor for New Media, Television and Radio at America's Test Kitchen. Lead instructor for the America's Test Kitchen Cooking School.

Ming Tsai, chef and owner of Boston's Blue Ginger and Blue Dragon restaurants. Author of "Blue Ginger," "Simply Ming, "Ming's Master Recipes," "Simply Ming One-Pot Meal" and "Simply Ming in Your Kitchen." (@chefmingtsai)

Marco Canora, chef and owner of the restaurants Hearth and Brodo in New York City. Co-author of "Salt to Taste" and "A Good Food Day." (@marcocanora)

From Tom’s Reading List

New York Times: Bones, Broth, Bliss — "The difference between stock and broth is elusive in the bowl but clearer in the kitchen. Many people use the terms interchangeably, but strictly speaking, both broth and stock include bones and meat, but stock has a higher proportion of bones to meat. And to those who have taken up 'broth-ing,' it is the content of the bones — including collagen, amino acids and minerals — that is the source of its health benefits."

The Wall Street Journal: Noodles: Perfect Recipe to Beat the Winter Blues — "Kenshiro Uki, general manager of Sun Noodle New Jersey, which has supplied noodles to some of the best ramen restaurants in the U.S. such as Momofuku in New York City, says noodle soups may be the ultimate, well-rounded comfort food for cold weather. A soup is a meal comparable to 'the ultimate bistro dish,' he says. 'In a bistro, you start out with a soup or salad, then you have starches, protein and vegetables—a bowl of ramen is all of that together in a bowl.'"

TIME Magazine: Bone Soup Is Back With a Vengeance — "The year’s hottest energy drink contains neither caffeine nor kale. Instead, people looking for an edge are firing up their stockpots for a ladle of bone broth: water and animal bones simmered together for hours into a cartilage-spiked stock. Of course, bone broth is hardly new. Your grandmother made it, good restaurants have a pot going at all times, and it has long been a pillar of the caveman-obsessed paleo diet."

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This program aired on February 5, 2015.


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