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Brian Stelter Remembers His Mentor, David Carr

This article is more than 8 years old.

Almost everyone in the wider media landscape mourned the loss of New York Times media critic David Carr today, after the 58-year old columnist and reporter unexpectedly collapsed and later died in the paper's New York City offices Thursday night.

Carr, a regular guest of this program and a beloved 'appointment read' of any self-respecting media junkie, wrote the paper's popular Media Equation column, among other things, and won the admiration and trust of many of the subjects he covered. We were hoping to have Carr join us today on a program looking back at a rather hectic week in media news, but when Carr himself became part of that conversation, another guest, CNN's Brian Stelter, took the time to reflect on his relationship with the acerbic, astute writer whom he thought of as a second father.

"I’m still grappling with how to talk about David Carr in the past tense," Stelter told us. The whole conversation is posted here.


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