More Famous Music Copyright Cases

Can't quite hear what the California jury heard in the "Blurred Lines" copyright case? You aren't alone. Forensic musicologist Joanna Demers from the USC School of Music explained the supposed similarities, and how other songs from the past ran into the intellectual property issues before. Here are some of her examples.

"Fancy" Vs. "My Hitta"

"Stay With Me" Vs. "Won't Back Down"

"My Sweet Lord" Vs. "He's So Fine"

"Ice Ice Baby" Vs. "Under Pressure"

"Sufin' USA" Vs. Sweet Little Sixteen"

"Love Is A Wonderful Thing" Vs. "Love Is A Wonderful Thing"

"Hello I Love You" Vs. "All Day And All Of The Night"

"Viva La Vida" Vs. "If I Could Fly"

"Bittersweet Symphony" Vs. "The Last Time"

"Stairway To Heaven" Vs. "Taurus"


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