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Spring training. From easy-access yoga to outdoor exercise meet-ups, exercise plans you’ll want to do.

Members of  a November Project 'tribe' pause during a November 2014 workout. (Brogan Graham / Instagram)
Members of a November Project 'tribe' pause during a November 2014 workout. (Brogan Graham / Instagram)

Half the country, buried in snow this winter. It’s time to shake it off. To get out there and get fit with spring. If you’ve been couch-potatoing, it’s time to get off the couch. If you’re a fitness nut, it’s time to mix up your routine. We’ve got options. Gurus for you. One, who’s launched a flash mob exercise wave that’s sweeping the country. The tweet goes out, the mob assembles – and sweats. One, a yoga master – a yogini – who also marathons. Keeps yoga real. Keeps you fit. This hour, On Point:  Spring training time for you.  New moves in fitness that won’t break the bank.
-- Tom Ashbrook


Rebecca Pacheco, yoga instructor and blogger. Author of the new book, "Do Your Om Thing: Bending Yoga Tradition To Fit Your Modern Life." (@omgal)

Brogan Graham, co-founder of the November Project, a national, free outdoor flash-mob exercise meetup group. (@argobatts)

From Tom’s Reading List

Boston Globe: Boston couple brings fitness to the masses — "Goldie and Brogan Graham could be considered the first couple of the Boston fitness community. Goldie’s classes at Back Bay Yoga boast lines out the door, and Brogan is the high-energy cofounder of November Project, a free fitness movement that has spread to 17 cities. The husband and wife team have also founded Movement, a free annual event that begins with a run through the city and closes with a massive yoga class in a secret location. The couple is on a mission to bring fitness to the masses."

Boston Magazine: It's Time To 'Do Your Om Thing' -- "When Rebecca Pacheco was 16 years old, she wandered into a community center in her hometown of Falmouth. At the time, she was more used to beach towels than yoga mats—in fact, in her first class, that’s exactly what she used, a beach towel. Even though everyone in the community center class was much older, Pacheco felt the need to give it a try. And, boy, is the Boston community—and soon to be the world—glad she did."

New York Times: The Early-Morning Workout Flash Mob — "Sessions open with members — new exercisers and marathoners alike — being instructed to touch the nose of someone they don’t know and tell the person, 'I’m happy you’re here.' Handshakes upon meeting are forbidden; this is a hugs-only zone. And because workouts are free and outdoors, there’s no booking hassle, unforgiving cancellation policy or scramble for a spot. Take that, $35 boutique fitness class. (November Project has recently begun working with sponsors: Last year, North Face was among the companies supporting the group’s annual summit, and beginning next week will team up with it on another project.)"

Read An Excerpt Of "Do Your Om Thing" By Rebecca Pacheco

This program aired on March 27, 2015.


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