Our On-Demand Service Economy

Our June 1, 2015 show asks an admittedly intentionally provocative question: what if there was an Uber (on-demand private car service), but for everything?

The answer? There already is! (Kind of). We've compiled a list of some of the more popular / unusual on-demand services here, and we'll continue to update this based on your input before, during and after our broadcast.

(This is list is not an endorsement or guarantee of any of the services provided therein; rather, consider it an acknowledgement of the existence of this growing portion of our modern economy.)

  • Uber (On-demand private car services; aka 'Everyone's Private Driver)
  • Lyft (Uber's main competitor, more a ride-share service than private driver company)
  • Washio (On-demand, one-day laundry and dry cleaning)
  • Bla Bla Car (Car-sharing, ride-sharing service, popular in continental Europe)
  • Instacart (Personalized grocery shopping and delivery)
  • Sprig (On-demand 'healthy' meal delivery service)
  • Saucey (Alcohol and beverage delivery)
  • Dufl (Business clothing packing, shipping and cleaning service)
  • Luxe (Parking services, in select cities)


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