Never Fear! Cheryl Strayed Will Be Here!

Hi friends and listeners!

We know we've been promoting the on-air broadcast of this year's iteration of On Point LIVE with author and advice columnist / podcaster Cheryl Strayed as arriving on Thursday, June 11, but you'll notice that our 11:00 am hour today is instead focused on an entirely different topic.

"Where's Cheryl?" you might be asking yourself.

In a physical sense, we're not sure, either, but in a radio broadcast sense, we can help you out. Some technical difficulties made the transfer of the On Point LIVE event last night (which was rather lovely, actually) to on-air broadcast rather impossible this morning, meaning that we had to change topics at the last minute and move the broadcast of the interview to Friday, June 12.

The bad news is that we've been lying to you for a while now. The good news is that we'll air the conversation tomorrow. If something gets in the way before that happens, we'll be sure to let you know here and on our various social channels. As always, stay tuned!


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