Jason Segel’s ‘Tour’ Is Only Just Beginning

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With guest host John Donvan

Comedic actor Jason Segel gets serious and takes on author David Foster Wallace in the new film, "The End of the Tour." He’s with us.

Jason Segel as author David Foster Wallace in the new film, "The End of the Tour." (Courtesy A24 Films)
Jason Segel as author David Foster Wallace in the new film, "The End of the Tour." (Courtesy A24 Films)

Two years ago, when it was announced that actor Jason Segel had been given the lead role in a movie based on five days in the life of the late writer David Foster Wallace, Wallace fans were shocked and furious. Wallace was a genius, and Jason Segel, well — he was a romantic comedy guy, a sitcom guy. The presumed mis-casting was an outrage. Now, the praise for Jason Segel’s performance has not stopped. One of the original Freaks in Freaks and Geeks and Marshall on How I Met Your Mother has shown what being an actor is all about — and that’s acting. This hour On Point: Jason Segel, going in yet another new direction.
-- John Donvan


Jason Segel, actor, comedian, screenwriter and author. He plays author David Foster Wallace in the new film, "The End of the Tour." Best known for his role on the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," as well as in "The Muppets" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," among many others. Co-author, with Kristen Miller, of the children's literature trilogy "Nightmares!" (@jasonsegel)

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GQ: Watch Jason Segel Go Serious as
 David Foster Wallace — "Jason Segel is trying, for once in his life, not to be funny. This month he stars as David Foster Wallace in The End of the Tour, which chronicles the five days the brainy author spent being interviewed by journalist David Lipsky (played by Jesse Eisenberg) circa the release of D.F.W.’s magnum opus, Infinite Jest. Segel’s great in it—dopey bandanna and all."

NPR News: 'The End Of The Tour' Is A Film For David Foster Wallace Buffs — "Some David Foster Wallace fans recoiled when they heard that sitcom veteran Jason Segel had been cast to play the Infinite Jest author in a movie. But Segel stretches impressively beyond expectations in The End of the Tour, an intriguing if not altogether convincing film. The actor is not just hulking physique and long hair wrapped in an unflattering bandana."

The Guardian:Why The End of the Tour isn't really about my friend David Foster Wallace -- " The movie’s reverence actually works in reverse; it’s stifling. Margulies’ script almost seems to be pleading with Wallace itself, saying 'Look at this, look at this tribute, why don’t you want this, why didn’t you want this?' The reason the question is a bad one, I think, is that nobody involved in the film perceives that “this” with the unsparing acuity with which Wallace did. Instead, they all worked very hard and delivered a 'celebrity writer dude' portrait on an admittedly very tasteful plate. 'Too soon,' indeed."

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This program aired on August 4, 2015.


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