'A Window Opens': Elisabeth Egan's Amazon Tell All

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Author Elisabeth Egan’s new novel is a kind of kiss and tell on life inside Amazon. She takes us there.

The cover of Elisabeth Egan's debut novel.
The cover of Elisabeth Egan's debut novel.

What young mother can have it all these days? The great mate. The nurtured family. The deeply gratifying career? Leaning in. Moving up. Loving. Elisabeth Egan gave it a shot. Working at Amazon, no less. The corporate super-giant now famed for a brutal work culture. She was the book editor suddenly in the lion’s den. She’s turned that into a story of her own. A novel of trying to have it all. Of leaning in, getting shredded, getting out, moving on. Of the life of the mind and family and ambition now. Up next On Point: Elisabeth Egan and her story, A Window Opens.
- Tom Ashbrook


Elisabeth Egan, author of the new book, "A Window Opens: A Novel." Books editor at Glamour Magazine (@lizegan)

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New York Times: Elisabeth Egan's 'A Window Opens' Has Echoes of Her Amazon Odyssey — "Ms. Egan said her novel was partly inspired by “Lean In,” Sheryl Sandberg’s call to arms for working women, but not exactly as a homage. Instead, she aimed to write a cautionary tale from the perspective of a woman who lands the high-pressure job of her dreams but feels suffocated by it."

Bustle: Elisabeth Egan's 'A Window Opens' shows us we can hang onto self-love, even in this crazy-busy world — "The book could have easily fallen to the predictable trope we’ve heard a hundred times of woman has all, woman loses all, woman starts over. Yet Egan keeps the story more complicated and more interesting. It’s easy to write about families that totally fall apart and relationships that implode; it takes much more tact and skill to write about strain and ultimate resilience."

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This program aired on August 26, 2015.


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