Chicago Protests Push Police Chief Out Of Office

Protests that erupted in the city of Chicago after the long-delayed release of a 2014 police dash cam video have lead to Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy's termination. We spoke with Chicago Tribune reporter Hal Dardick and Chicago poet and youth activist Malcolm London in Chicago today to hear the latest details of the story, and whether continuing protests and revelations could result in higher-profile resignations.

"It would be really startling if Mayor Rahm Emanuel were to resign because of this," Dardick told host Tom Ashbrook. But protesters in the city have called for just that as they continue to advocate for change in the way the city handles officer-involved shootings.

"Policing in America in general is brutal, particularly in Chicago," London told us. "We're talking about a city that gave away half a billion dollars in settlement cases."

And the protesters want more than just official turnover from the Police Superintendent and the Mayor's office, London told us.

"The black community is not responsible for the poverty on the west and south side of Chicago," London said. "The black community is not responsible for the schools and mental health facilities being closed in the past few years by Rahm Emanuel, either."

We'll be tracking this story and the changes it makes as it continues to evolve.


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