Election 2016: New Hampshire Primary Results

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The winners and losers in New Hampshire, and the path ahead in the presidential primary race.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., waves to the crowd before speaking during a primary night watch party at Concord High School, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016, in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders waves to the crowd before speaking during a primary night watch party at Concord High School Tuesday. (John Minchillo/AP)

OK, be honest. Back to the future. It’s the summer of 2015, just six months ago, and somebody asks you if Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders would be the big, dominant winners -- hands-down — in 2016 out of the New Hampshire primaries. Would you have bet the farm on that?  Last night, they were. The free-styling billionaire and the Democratic Socialist. Wow. We’re in new territory. This hour On Point, Trump and Sanders win New Hampshire, and what comes next.
-- Tom Ashbrook


Janell Ross, politics, race and gender reporter for the Washington Post. (@JanellRoss)

Ben Domenech, co-founder and publisher of the web magazine, the Federalist. Host of the Federalist Radio Hour, author of the Transom newsletter and fellow at the Manhattan Institute. (@bdomenech)

McKay Coppins, senior political writer for BuzzFeed News. Author of "The Wilderness." (@mckaycoppins)

From Tom’s Reading List

Washington Post: Trump notches an easy victory in New Hampshire’s Republican primary — "Donald Trump resoundingly won the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary Tuesday night, giving the billionaire mogul his first victory in an improbable and brash campaign that already has turned American politics upside down."

BuzzFeed News: The Anxiety Of Being Marco Rubio — "Rubio has spent much of this campaign season contending with questions about his experience, as pundits and voters argue over whether he possesses the requisite gravitas for the Oval Office. One reason is his age: At 44, he is the youngest candidate in the field. But Ted Cruz is only a few months older — and has spent even less time than Rubio in the Senate — and yet he rarely finds himself fending off questions about his youth."

The Federalist: How The Firebrands Stump In New Hampshire — "For pizzazz and style and cheese fries and hats, there is no question that Trump leaves his mark. As strange as this kind of love for a politician feels—maybe the Democrats had it with Obama in 2008—it is very real. The more they are mocked, the firmer their jaws get. But the question Trump has not answered is: Who else? What other wing of the GOP, if these voters are Republicans at all, will fill out his coalition? Cruz is much closer to answering that key question. You can see a path now. If his attempt to appeal to working-class whites and libertarians succeeds, the rest of the party might follow, whether the establishment likes it or not."

This program aired on February 10, 2016.


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