Clinton Or Trump? Six Issues That Matter

Eleven days, kids. Don't forget to vote! (Nick Andersen/WBUR)
Eleven days, kids. Don't forget to vote! (Nick Andersen/WBUR)

Eleven. Days.

There are eleven days until the end of this never-ending U.S. presidential election, friends. And probably more than eleven reasons why you're supporting one particular candidate over the other.

We won't pretend to know why you've made the choice you're planning to make — or maybe you've already made the choice  by trying out early voting in your community. Good for you! -- but we can try and help you weed through the major platform points of both major party candidates — and offer some links to our interviews with the three major third party candidates also in the race.

Go forth to listen and learn — and, whatever you do, V O T E!

Clinton and Trump On Immigration

There's perhaps no policy area that divides the two major candidates more than immigration. Where Trump aims to build a wall along the United States' southern border and deport many — or all — undocumented immigrants, Clinton hopes to elaborate on President Barack Obama's deferred action on deportation and develop a framework for eventual legal residencies for undocumented migrants, including a pathway to citizenship for some.

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Clinton and Trump On Foreign Policy

Trump calls for a broad reconfiguration of American foreign policy, opting to renegotiate major trade and defense treaties like NATO, NAFTA and others. Clinton opts for continued alliances with traditional powers and a ramp-up on a more aggressive American involvment in the conflict in Syria and increased Russian isolation on the global stage.

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Clinton and Trump On Childcare

Clinton hopes to use increased taxes on higher incomes to pay for broad family leave, and wants to expand tax credits on working parents in order to help pay for childcare. Trump, meanwhile aims to subsidize maternity leave for mothers through tax cuts and also pushes a series of individual subsides for childcare.

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Clinton and Trump On The Economy

Trump aims for a massive simplification of the tax code, where Clinton hopes to increase taxes on the wealthy in order to pay for her other significant policy plans. Both candidates have spoken out against trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership, while Clinton's stance has shifted since her role as President Obama's first Secretary of State.

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Clinton and Trump On The Supreme Court

With at least one — if not more — Supreme Court seats open in the next president's first term, both Clinton and Trump stand to dramatically reshape the nation's highest court. Trump has at times called for justices who would overturn national abortion rights and preserve expansive gun rights, while Clinton has said she would appoint justices who aim to overturn the controversial Citizens United decision that expanded the role of corporate interests in national elections. 

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Clinton and Trump In the First 100 Days

The first 100 days of any presidency are symbolic — and can set the tone of an entire first term. We looked at the broad outlines of both candidates Clinton and Trump during their respective party conventions — and sketched out what a President Trump or President Clinton might do in the early months of their time in the Oval Office.

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No matter your opinions on the candidates or the issues, it's important you let your voice be heard this November, no matter where you live. Registration deadlines in most states have already passed — but if you need to figure out where to vote, or what you might need in order to cast a ballot, visit and check your registration status and nearby polling place. And vote!



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