On Point Hears From Its Witch Listeners

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On Tuesday's show, we talked about how some women are embracing the feminine power of the word "witch."

For some, it's an aesthetic, a cultural touchstone, a "power fantasy," says Vox culture writer Constance Grady. People talk about Taylor Swift's group of female friends as a "coven;" the pop singer Lorde wears black lace and dark lipstick.

For others — including several of our listeners and followers on social media — it's much more literal.

"You are speaking to a real witch," caller Fran told host Tom Ashbrook. "I’ve been a witch for 40 years. Witches are real people who practice a real religion that is recognized by our government."

Tom said it was his first time knowingly talking to a real witch. The key word there was "knowingly" — because we heard from several listeners about witch influences and culture, including some who said that they, too, are witches.

Emailer Meghan said she's been a witch since she was 11, and it comes down to a few simple ideas.

"Respect nature. Respect yourself and others. Sense and feel energy around you. It is all about being grounded and connecting to the power around us," she said.

You can check out the full episode by clicking this link. 

This segment aired on October 31, 2017.


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