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If you're looking for a way to pitch us an idea or topic to cover on the show, look no further.

Of course, you can always email us at onpointnpr@gmail.com (and many of you have! Thank you! Keep sending your emails — we read them.)

Or, you can use this nifty submission tool below. What are we overlooking? What have we not given enough attention? Which stories deserve a deeper dive?

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The best way to join the conversation is to leave us a voicemail at 617-353-0683.

To join the conversation on the air, call our toll-free number 1-800-423-8255 during a live broadcast.

Three things to remember when calling On Point:

1) Please turn off your radio: Having a radio on the background creates an echo due to the slight delay in broadcast times. Please turn off your radio and listen to the program on your phone's handset.

2) No Speakerphone: The best sound comes from using a land line telephone. Please use one if it is available. But whether it is a cell phone or land line, please don't put us on speakerphone.

3) When you get on the air: Please don't say things like "Good morning," since we air at different times all around the country. Stick with "Hello." First names are fine with us!

More Options:

The best way to ensure that we see messages about show content or programming is to send us a message on TwitterFacebook or at onpointnpr@gmail.com.

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