Radio Diary: A Message In A Bottle Brings Connection In A Pandemic

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Bottle with fish. (Robert Porter)
Bottle with fish. (Robert Porter)

Imagine a time before the pandemic for a moment. You’re a kid in the fifth grade. And you have an idea. Hey, why don’t we send out a message in a bottle? Well ... that's exactly what Joe and Aidan, 5th graders in Cape Elizabeth, Maine decided to do. So they took a bottle from the family junk drawer, wrote up a note, made a raft and sent it to sea.

"We were sort of just planning like try to make a raft so it doesn’t hit the rocks. And if it does hit the rocks then it’s just part of the raft that hits it," Joe says.

"I was like I wonder where it’s going to go, I wonder where it’s going to be. I mean you never know what’s going to happen," Aidan adds. 

In the latest 'Dear On Point' radio diary we hear how a message in a bottle made the rounds from Joe and Aidan, fifth graders in Cape Elizabeth, Maine to Tom Bourke, owner of a convention decorating company in Westfield, Mass., Jeanne Blake, a leadership communications consultant in Gloucester, Mass. and Robert Porter, a fisherman and owner of Coveted Yarn in Gloucester, Mass.

You can read Jeanne's full post about the message in a bottle here.

Jeanne with the bottle. (Cliff King)
Jeanne with the bottle. (Cliff King)

With mixing and editing help from Tim Skoog.

This segment aired on May 13, 2020.


Sydney Wertheim Associate Producer, On Point
Sydney Wertheim is an associate producer for On Point.



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