Edge of Fame, a podcast collaboration between WBUR and The Washington Post, is a sound-rich, story-driven examination of the life that happens before, behind, and beyond the spotlight.

Blending in-depth interviews with off-the-cuff field recordings, host Geoff Edgers paints intimate, surprising audio portraits of actors, musicians and comedians: from beloved performers you think you already know, like Saturday Night Live veteran Darrell Hammond, to up-and-comers bursting onto the scene, like author, actor and comedian Ms. Pat.

You’ll learn who these individuals really are: where they come from, what drives them to create, and what keeps them up at night. Other podcasts might cover artists; this podcast uncovers them.

About Our Host

(Courtesy of Geoff Edgers)
(Courtesy of Geoff Edgers)

Geoff Edgers is the Washington Post’s national arts reporter and author of children’s books on the Beatles, Julia Child, Stan Lee and Elvis Presley. He has hosted “Edge of America” for the Travel Channel and starred in the documentary “Do It Again,” about his quest to reunite the Kinks. Edgers is a former staffer at The Boston Globe and his work has appeared in GQ, Wired, and Salon. He lives in Concord, MA. with his wife, Carlene, and two children, Lila and Calvin.

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