Leave On Point a Voicemail

To join the conversation, call 1-617-353-0683 to leave a voicemail.

Four things to remember when calling the On Point voicemail box:

1) No Speakerphone: The best sound comes from using a land line telephone. Please use one if it is available. But whether it is a cell phone or landline, please don't put us on speakerphone.

2) Tell us who you are: When leaving a voicemail, please leave your first and last name, where you're from and your phone number. That way we can follow up with you if we have further questions.

3) Tell us why you're calling: Are you calling with an answer to an on-air prompt? A question based on a social media solicitation? Or, maybe you just have a question about a future show topic? Let us know that. You can also elaborate on any of your answers by sending us an email at onpoint@wbur.org.

4) And if you can't leave a voicemail: You can always record a voice memo on your phone, and send it to us at onpoint@wbur.org. Just make sure to tell us what prompt the voice memo is for in the email description.


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