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Discuss: Eminem In School; Waterfront Development03:06

This article is more than 8 years old.

Last Monday, we invited Sarah Jordan on the program, the Westborough middle school teacher who resigned after controversy ensued when one of her lessons on the media included a clip from rap artist Eminem.

The story received a wave of response from listeners, both in support of, and in opposition to, Dr. Jordan's decision to use Eminem as a teaching tool. "KdjMom3" wrote on our website, "I applaud Dr. Jordan's efforts to meet the kids where they are, not where we wish they were, and I hope that this controversy provokes parents into having more frank conversations with their children about what they are doing and seeing."

Listener "Beth" wrote, "Just because some had already been exposed to this type of media, it is wrong to assume they had all seen similar videos."

On Tuesday, CommonHealth co-host Carey Goldberg shared the "Top Ten Things Not To Say to the Parents of Preemies," based on a new study that looked at the effects of insensitive comments on parents. Much of the research was validated by Carey's own experience of giving birth to her son two months before her due date.

Rachel T. wrote on our website "I had my 2 year old at 30 weeks and am pregnant again, now at 25 weeks and praying for as many weeks I can get. I am so happy that you are bringing this topic up."

Wednesday, we spoke with Landing Studio architect Daniel Adams about the best way to develop Boston's waterfront.

Listener John Rowse called in just as we were running out of time, but later wrote on our website, "Boston is the only [major] port city in the country without a maritime education and history center. I was disappointed to just miss getting on the show to hear your guests' reaction about how such an organization and facility could enhance our waterfront and the public's understanding of how important maintaining a working waterfront is to the future of our city."

Rowse offered to email a copy of the draft proposal he's been working on to anyone who is interested, and you can find his information on

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This program aired on June 27, 2011.

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