The Red Sox Lose, This Couple Wins

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Trisha and David Boisvert at Who's On First across from Fenway Park (Dan Mauzy for WBUR)
Trisha and David Boisvert at Who

Trisha and David Boisvert first met on May 31, 1985, when a mutual friend invited them to watch the Red Sox play at Fenway.

Before the game, the group gathered across Yawkey Way at the bar "Who's On First." David arrived with a friend, and Trisha with her twin sister.

"They're actually called 'mirror twins' — one's lefty and one's righty and they're totally identical," David said. "My friend and I were just like 'Who's who? And what's their names?' You know, you're trying to get it all straight."

"Who's first and who's going to get to first," Trisha said.

Eventually the group made their way over to Fenway, where the Red Sox were preparing to take on the Texas Rangers.

"Just going to Fenway Park was so exciting because my parents were from Boston, but as an Air Force kid, I grew up in the Midwest," Trisha said. "I had heard so much about Fenway Park over the years, so any opportunity to get to Fenway Park I was going to jump at."

David happened to sit next to Trisha's sister for the first part of the game. Midway through, Trisha and David happened to be heading to the concession stand at the same time and started talking.

"When we came back, her sister had moved down the row. So Trisha and I sat next to each other," David said.

They've been together ever since. This December they'll celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

"We couldn't have asked for a better meeting place — Fenway Park," David said. "It was just one of those magical nights when you kind of know something really cool is happening."

"Unfortunately, the Red Sox last that day," Trisha said. "But we like to say we won."


This segment aired on April 19, 2012.


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