Comparing The Quality Of Mammographies In The Boston Area

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Most middle-aged women and some men will get a mammogram, possibly many mammograms, during their life. But, there isn't a lot of information out there about the quality of different mammography tests.

That's why WBUR's CommonHealth and reporter Martha Bebinger have launched the mammography quality project, which collects data on many aspects of mammogram procedure and outcome at hospitals in the Boston area.


Martha Bebinger, WBUR reporter. She tweets @mbebinger.


CommonHealth: Eva Gets A Mammogram: A Primer On Finding Quality In Mammography

  • "Millions of women across the country stand with Kennedy every year, in a johnny, in front of a machine that will compress their breasts and X-ray the pancaked tissue. Most women assume a mammogram’s a mammogram — you just get through it. But in fact the quality — as with most things in medicine — does vary."

CommonHealth: 6 Ways For You To Start Comparing The Quality And Cost Of Mammograms

  • "This is the beginning of a conversation about how to compare quality in mammography, based on guidance from dozens of experts in the field. We narrowed down a list of quality measures established by several national groups, then wrote to 14 hospitals — some of the largest providers in the state — and asked for their data. Twelve agreed to release the data."

This segment aired on March 7, 2016.


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