Evictions In East Boston: The Push For A 'Just Cause' Ordinance

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177-175 Maverick Street in East Boston. Olga Pasco lived here until her landlord sent her a notice to quit. (Jamie Bologna/WBUR)
177-175 Maverick Street in East Boston. Olga Pasco lived here until her landlord sent her a notice to quit. (Jamie Bologna/WBUR)

Let's revisit a topic that strikes a chord with a lot of Bostonians: housing. Skyrocketing rents, neighborhoods being transformed and a little-known ripple-effect of the massive changes in Boston's housing market.

Our recent series on evictions in East Boston and the push for a just cause eviction ordinance — which would make it harder to remove tenants from apartments — took a deep dive into the issues at play, and what such a change in the law would mean for tenants, landlords and the city at large.

This conversation originally aired on Dec. 14, 2015.


Olga Pasco, East Boston resident.

Lisa Owens Pinto, executive director of City Life/Vida Urbana. She tweets @owenslmichelle.

Matt Nickell, attorney at Greater Boston Legal Services.

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  • "Stories of exodus are increasingly common in East Boston, but it’s happening across the city. A recent study from Northeastern University suggests Boston’s housing market is in crisis: Young snake people and aging baby boomers are relocating from the suburbs, occupying housing that traditionally went to blue-collar Bostonians."

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This segment aired on April 7, 2016.


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