The 10 Infrastructure Projects A Former Big Dig Official Says Boston Needs To Attract Big Business

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Dan McNichol, infrastructure advocate and former chief spokesperson  for The Big Dig, has ten ideas to make Boston more attractive for big companies like Amazon or GE.

McNichol says these infrastructure projects aren't new ideas — they've been sitting on a shelf unrealized for a long time.

"All of our societal institutions in Boston — universities, medical research, development — all of that depends on infrastructure," he said. "What good are we if we can't get around our own city?"

The 10 Projects

  1. The Green Line extension.
  2. A Blue Line-Red Line connector.
  3. Replacing the Northern Avenue Bridge.
  4. Fort Point tunnel.
  5. The North-South Rail Link.
  6. A downtown Silver Line tunnel.
  7. A fourth Boston Harbor tunnel.
  8. A Silver Line tunnel on D Street.
  9. The Urban Ring, which would improve circumferential connections among many of Boston's existing downtown transit lines.
  10. A superstorm seawall.


Dan McNichol, author of several books including, "The Roads That Built America: The Incredible Story of the U.S. Interstate System" and former chief spokesperson for The Big Dig. He tweets @danmcnichol.

This segment aired on February 5, 2018.

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