Less Memorizing, More Arguing: Harvard Sociologist Calls On High Schools To Change How They Teach

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In Boston federal court this week, actress Felicity Huffman became the latest parent to plead guilty in the "Varsity Blues" scandal. She is one of dozens of parents, coaches, college consultants and test proctors who have been charged with conspiracy, fraud and bribery all to help wealthy students get admission into elite schools.

The scandal has demonstrated not only the inequity of the college process, but also the pressure to submit the "best" application — with the best test scores, highest grades, most activities.

But how much do those accolades reflect what a student actually understands? What if students — answering the call to perform — aren't really learning? And if that's the case, how can schools and higher institutions change to support a deeper form of learning?

Those are the questions at the heart of a new book, "In Search of Deeper Learning: The Quest To Remake the American High School."


Jal Mehta, author of "In Search of Deeper Learning: The Quest To Remake the American High School." He's also an associate professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and tweets @jal_mehta.

This segment aired on May 15, 2019.


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