As Massachusetts' Shutdown Presses On, How Are We Coping?

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Monday marks the original deadline to start re-opening Massachusetts. But, as things have evolved and the coronavirus has continued to spread, that date has been pushed back.

At this point, it's not clear when Massachusetts will re-open for business and life. So, how do you handle not knowing?

We process that uncertainty with:

  • Dr. Josh Barocas, infectious diseases physician and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Boston Medical Center and the Boston University School of Medicine.
  • Jose Martinez, who has worked nearly 31 years as a custodial worker for Boston University.
  • Quiana Agbai, who runs the Instagram "Harlem Love Birds In New England."
  • Eric Bornstein, an artist and mask maker in Somerville.

This segment aired on May 4, 2020.

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