A Renewed Debate Over The Right To Repair In Massachusetts

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  • A new Boston Globe investigation finds nearly one in every five state troopers on the current roster has at least one sustained misconduct charge. These include improperly running background checks on behalf of drug dealers, assault and battery, and taking under-the-table payments for unauthorized funeral escorts. Only a handful of troopers with such types of violations have been fired in the last 10 years. This comes in the context of the department trying to turn a corner after a series of high-profile scandals. We speak with Matt Rocheleau, reporter for The Boston Globe.
  •  Advocates on both sides of Question 1: Right to Repair join us for a discussion brought to you by WBUR and The McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at UMass Boston. We hear from WBUR's Callum Borchers, then we turn to our guests: Arguing for Question 1 is Tommy Hickey, the director of the Right to Repair Coalition, and representing the "No" side, is Conor Yunits, spokesperson for the No on 1 campaign, the Coalition for Safe and Secure Data. 

This program aired on October 19, 2020.


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