One Way Out Of This Recession May Be To Empower Women Entrepreneurs

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Economists warn the U.S. will slide further into recession without more stimulus relief from Congress. Even with further financial intervention, though, it will be a long road back to pre-pandemic economic health.
Susanne Althoff, a former Boston Globe Magazine editor and assistant professor at Emerson College, says one way out of this recession and towards a more equitable future is to invest in women entrepreneurs.
She has data to back her up: Research from the Association for Corporate Growth in 2015 estimates that if U.S. women launched high-growth firms at the same rate as men, we’d add 15 million jobs in only two years.
Althoff lays out the obstacles in front of women in her new book, "Launching While Female: Smashing The System That Holds Women Entrepreneurs Back."

This segment aired on December 10, 2020.

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