Two women share what it's like living with endometriosis

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A year ago today, Boston University student Yaël Krinsky headed into surgery. After a decade of doctor's appointments and tests, she thought she had found what was causing her constant gastrointestinal pain. Or at least she hoped.

As she prepared for the operation, she told her doctor that she wanted him to find endometriosis inside her. He did.

Endometriosis affects an estimated one in ten women, according to the World Health Organization. It causes tissue similar to the uterine lining to grow outside the organ sometimes in other parts of the body. The tissues become inflamed around the time of menstruation causing a wide range of symptoms, including debilitating pain and migraines. There are treatments, but no cure.

We hear from Krinsky and her father Alvin about their journey with endometriosis. Then, we speak with Professor Linda Griffith, director of the Center Gynepathology Research at MIT, about research she's doing to learn more and treat the disease. Griffith is also living with endometriosis.

This segment aired on March 17, 2022.

Amanda Beland Producer/Director
Amanda Beland is a producer and director for Radio Boston. She also reports for the WBUR newsroom.


Tiziana Dearing Host, Radio Boston
Tiziana Dearing is the host of Radio Boston.



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