Diving beneath this week's headlines on the future of Boston schools

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This is the Radio Boston rundown for July 1. Carrie Jung is our host.

  • This week, we review big news for Boston Public Schools. We speak with a former Massachusetts Secretary of Education to discuss the district's new superintendent, Mary Skipper. We also look at what's ahead for Boston schools after the district narrowly avoided state intervention.
  • Kimberley Atkins Stohr, senior opinion writer for the Boston Globe, joins us to discuss Ketanji Brown Jackson, the newest Supreme Court justice and the first Black woman to serve on the bench, as well as the legacy of retiring Justice Stephen Breyer.
  • A record-breaking 42 million Americans are expected to hit the road this Fourth of July weekend, despite high gas prices. We talk about delays due to labor shortages at Boston Logan International Airport and concerns among flyers. We break down what travelers should look out as they skip town.
  • We speak with an avid hiker and star of a new documentary, "Mardi & the Whites," about her relationship with the sport as a Black woman, and what she's doing to encourage other people of color to hit the trails. Mardi Fuller has spent 20 years hiking the White Mountains of New Hampshire, sometimes, as the documentary team puts it, "unfortunately coined 'The Whites' by New Englanders.

This program aired on July 1, 2022.



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