Cuatrista Fabiola Méndez's music reflects journey of acceptance and cultural pride

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Cuatrista Fabiola Mendez. (Courtesy of Ally Schmalling)
Cuatrista Fabiola Mendez. (Courtesy of Ally Schmalling)

Fabiola Méndez's trailblazing didn't stop after she became the first Berklee College of Music student to graduate with a specialization in the cuatro, Puerto Rico's national instrument. Her continued artistry represents an embrace of her Afro-Latinx roots — and an invitation for Greater Boston's substantial Afro-Latinx diaspora to join her.

Méndez joined Radio Boston to talk about helping put the Puerto Rican cuatro on the map in New England and its importance to who she is.

This segment aired on October 17, 2023.

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