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Looking for a fun St. Patrick's Day activity? We've got you covered. Summer McCall, marketing manager at the Cambridge folk music venue Club Passim and director of the Boston Celtic Music Festival, joins The Common to give a rundown of the best places to catch live Celtic music in Boston during St. Patrick's Day weekend.

St. Patrick's Day Weekend events:

WGBH presents the 12th annual A St. Patrick’s Day Celtic Sojourn with Brian O’Donovan:

  • Virtual concert - March 17, 7:30pm
  • Sanders (Cambridge) - March 18, 7:30
  • The Cabot Theater (Beverly) - March 19, 5pm

Irish Cultural Centre (Canton) 

The Burren (Somerville)

Dubliner (Boston)

  • Jinty McGarth - March 17 and 18, 8pm
  • Session - March 19, 3-6pm

The Druid (Cambridge)

  • Sessions - March 18, 4-7pm and March 19, 12-3pm

Emmets (Boston)

  • Sessions - March 18, 3-6pm and 9pm-12am

Black Rose (Boston)

  • Session - March 18, 4-8pm

Jinty McGrath (March 17)

Lower Mills (Boston)

  • Session - March 18, 7-9pm

Tavern At The End Of The World (Cambridge)

  • Session - March 18, 5-8pm

The Bebop (Boston)

  • Session - March 17, 6-9pm 
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