A reckoning in restaurants, continued...

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For the last several months The Common has been talking about the lack of accountability for harmful behavior from local chefs and restaurateurs, such as the allegations against Barbara Lynch, as well as comments made by Ming Tsai on WBUR's CitySpace stage.

Last month, CitySpace continued that conversation with a panel discussion called “A Reckoning in Restaurants: Combating Toxic Restaurant Culture.”

During the event, audience members submitted questions for the panel, which included Hassel Aviles, Co-founder and executive director of Not 9 to 5 (a non-profit in mental health advocacy for the foodservice sector); Irene Li, Co-founder of Mei Mei Dumplings and James Beard Leadership Award winner; Janelle Nanos, Business Enterprise Reporter at the Boston Globe; and Hannah Selinger, James Beard Award-nominated writer.

There were so many questions, that there just wasn’t enough time to answer them all. So, we figured we’d continue the event here on the show with Irene and Hannah to answer some of the questions they couldn’t get to that night.

Darryl C. Murphy Host
Darryl C. Murphy is the host of WBUR's daily news and culture podcast, "The Common."


Frannie Monahan Podcast Producer
Frannie Monahan is a producer for WBUR’s daily news and culture podcast, "The Common."



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