From the newsroom: Extremist watchdog explains New England white supremacists galvanized by Trump

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We're back with another feature from one of our friends in the WBUR newsroom as Team Common works on some longer term projects.

Today's story comes from WBUR Morning Edition's Rupa Shenoy and Laney Ruckstuhl.

Last week, Former President Donald Trump was indicted on four felony counts, all related to attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Prosecutors say that Trump incited the January sixth violence at the capitol, which was lead by his supporters, including members of right-wing groups.

Kristofer Goldsmith is the founder of Task Force Butler, a nonprofit group of veterans who've been tracking extremists in New England.

He joins Rupa to talk about his work, and the state of right-wing extremism in the region.

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