Elizabeth Amador decodes government bureaucracy, one post at a time

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Today on The Common, a story about how social media can be used for good.

Elizabeth Amador is an activist and community leader who uses Instagram to help Spanish speaking residents navigate local government bureaucracy to get the help they need.

In her posts and livestreams, she answers questions about everything from obtaining rental and food assistance to getting a driver’s license for her audience of nearly 17,000 followers. And she does it all in her free time.

Amador sits down with host Darryl C. Murphy to talk about her experience running her Instagram account, and the persistent information gap that necessitates its existence.

Darryl C. Murphy Host
Darryl C. Murphy is the host of WBUR's daily news and culture podcast, "The Common."


Frannie Monahan Podcast Producer
Frannie Monahan is a producer for WBUR’s daily news and culture podcast, "The Common."



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