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Presidential Disability: An American Dilemma39:11

This article is more than 18 years old.

Although the issue of Presidential Disability may not appear to be important, physical and psychological disabilities that threaten their job performance have been common among American Presidents throughout the country's history.

On this week's show, we presented a lecture given by Boston University Professor of History Robert Dallek in which he proposes that an independent medical office, which could assess the president's fitness to govern, be established. The members of the office could be nominated by the President and confirmed by the US Senate. They would serve for the duration of the president's term in office and then move out. Dallek also suggests that vice presidential running mates be chosen based on ability to govern, rather than on their perceived electability.

Afterwards, Boston University Law School Dean Ronald Cass and former Congressman Chet Atkins voiced some interesting and thought-provoking responses to Professor Dalleck's arguments.

This program aired on January 14, 2001.

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