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California's Power Crisis: Can It Happen Elsewhere?39:11

This article is more than 18 years old.

The state of California has been in an energy crisis in the last few weeks. Many are wondering whether other states will be heading down the same path. On this week's show, three discussion guests discussed the specific implications such a crisis has for the state of Massachusetts.

The Senior Vice-President for the Energy and the Environment programs at Associated Industries of Massachusetts, Robert Ruddock, discussed whether the state of Massachusetts may be in the risk for a California-type energy crisis and how it is prepared to avert such a crisis.

Professor Cutler J. Cleveland who is Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies at Boston University talked about how natural energy resources can be utilized to redress a potential energy crisis.

California's decision to deregulate public utilities is seen as the cause for its energy crisis. Professor Keith Hylton who teaches courses in antitrust, torts, and labor law at Boston University Law School discussed the ramifications of business deregulations.

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