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Harvard, At Wholesale

This article is more than 7 years old.

Now that the college commencement season has just about wrapped up, private universities are scrambling to fill those empty seats ahead of the upcoming fall semester.

They’re giving record tuition discount rates and more financial assistance than ever, according to a recent survey from the National Association of College and University Business Officers. 

A front page Wall Street Journal article on this news last month suggested that it’s now a buyer’s market for all but the most “select private colleges and flagship public universities.”

But could it be just a matter of time before the strategy is adopted by the ivory tower as well? Given today's uncertain economy, I have taken the liberty of preparing some catalog copy, just in case.

Imagine a world-class institution of unparalleled prestige, at rock-bottom prices so low, we’re practically giving it away. Imagine access to the elite one percent, for 75 percent off. Imagine parking your car in our yard — at a flat rate of $7 an hour for the first four hours. That’s half the price of competing yards in Princeton, New Haven, Providence, Philadelphia, Hanover, and Washington Heights. Oh yeah, and Ithaca.

Now stop imagining and start matriculating, please, to Harvard Wholesale College. At HWC, we stand by our motto: “Veritas, Very Cheap.”

How do we do it? By posing that question, you are demonstrating the superior intellect that just guaranteed you one free MacArthur Genius Grant Groupon upon arrival; our gift to you. And now that you’ve been accepted, you’re automatically eligible for an additional three years at our deluxe Kennedy School of Government, fully subsidized by a zero-percent down, need-based scholarship that meets your needs. Needs like:

Free Beer
As part of your all-inclusive education, you are entitled to a complimentary keg of Henry Louis Gates Hefferveisen. Prefer a bottomless mug of Sam Adams? It’s on the house, because, guess what? The dude went here! Need more convincing? At HWC, we’ll never check your i.d. We’re Harvard, we don’t need i.d. We can just tell.

Pay As You Go (Or Don't Go) Plan 
Too groggy for that 8 a.m. calculus class after enjoying an all-expenses paid “Make Your Own Sundae at The White House” weekend with our nation’s president (Barack Obama, ‘91)? Not a problem. Forgot to take your finals following one of our semi-formal Medical Marijuana Mixers that are 100 percent covered with no co-pay or deductible, thanks to our in-network providers from HWC’s sister school of medicine? Heck, everyone makes mistakes! But at HWC, you’re under no obligation to pay for them. Just pay anything you want. Use our layaway plan. Write an I.O.U. Make us an offer, we’ll work something out.

Buy One Degree, Get A Dozen Free 
Unlike retail Ivies where you’ll blow your whole 529 Plan on one worthless B.A, our Multi-Degree Variety Pack offers an exciting lineup of complimentary bonus letters: M.B.A, Ph.D, R.N., MD, MSW, CPA, CEO — you name it, we’ve got it, all at 50 percent off our already free tuition prices. Plus, if you enroll now, we’ll also throw in: Natalie Portman, our gift to you.

Don’t delay, our registrars are standing by. Because at Harvard Wholesale, we don’t just give you an education. We give you a deal.

This program aired on June 14, 2013. The audio for this program is not available.

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