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Latest Mass. Map And Case Count: Breaking Down Coronavirus Here In Charts

The below map shows reported coronavirus cases and deaths due to COVID-19 in counties across Massachusetts. Click or hover to display each county’s cases.

The data comes from the state Department of Public Health, and can be found on this page. DPH only provides data at the county level — not municipality.

Scroll down for charts showing the number of reported coronavirus cases, deaths and tests in the state.

Click on "Total cases" or "Daily increase of cases" legend to select or deselect that data point only. 

Note: More testing in Massachusetts has led to more reported cases. The state has vastly ramped up testing since March 12, when officials said more than 200 people had been tested for coronavirus (leading to 108 positive cases). A week later, on March 19, more than 3,100 people had been tested (with 328 known cases).

Total cases reflects the number of overall coronavirus cases identified by the state, including people who may have recovered. Daily increase of cases shows the number of new cases identified day over day. This helps provide context about the increase of known coronavirus cases.


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