400K Pre-Registered For Vaccine In Mass. On First Day Of Website Launch

After a day-one crash of the state's vaccine appointment finder website, the stakes were high for the new pre-registration system Massachusetts launched with Google's help.

The new site launched on March 12 with few if any hitches, withstanding the pressure of what Google on Monday revealed was peak demand of 19 pre-registrations per second.

In a blog post highlighting Google Cloud's partnership with states on vaccine rollout, the company said more than 400,000 residents pre-registered for a dose at one of the seven Massachusetts mass vaccination sites on the first day the portal launched.

"At the height of activity the site was registering 19 pre-registrations per second," Google wrote.

Under the new system, residents can get an alert directly from the state when they become eligible and a vaccine appointment is available at the mass vaccination site closest to them.